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February 10, 2017
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Putting out the flames

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Automotive Technology Specialists (ATS) has recently taken delivery of fresh stock of Fire Stryker – a revolutionary, single-use fire extinguisher.

Approved by Motorsport South Africa as an alternative to a conventional fire extinguisher in competition vehicles, the Fire Stryker is also idea for cars, light commercials, caravans, campers and even watercraft. Indeed, every kitchen, garage and workshop should have one.

Not much larger in diameter than a broomstick and between 25cm and 33cm long depending on model, Fire Stryker uses a blast of potassium nitrate to effectively kill a fire in one easy point and squirt application. Potassium oxidizes rapidly in air: when the seal on the Fire Stryker is broken it releases its contents, and devours the oxygen in the immediate vicinity.



The extinguisher is said to be especially well-suited to electrical and fuel fires and is also extremely safe as it isn’t pressurised like a conventional extinguisher.

The 8B model has an emission time of 50 seconds yet weighs only 275 grams and can be kept in the glove compartment or door pocket of any vehicle, or alternatively attached to a flat surface inside the vehicle with the supplied mounting clip. There’s also a larger, 13B model, which emits potassium nitrate for 100 seconds.

Retail prices are R535 and R620 respectively. For information contact ATS on 011 670 8400.

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