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October 11, 2016
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New 5-Series on its way

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BMW has released details of its seventh generation 5-Series, which is due for launch in February next year. The executive class sedan is said to offer an extended line-up of assistance systems, an unmatched degree of connectivity and a new and innovative operating system.

In a statement, company chairman Harald Krüger says BMW regards technological leadership, emotionally rich products and digitalisation as essential factors in achieving success. “I’m in no doubt that the new 5-Series will set benchmarks technologically, but also have huge emotional appeal. It remains the epitome of the business sedan,” he is quoted as saying.

According to the statement, increased use of aluminium and high-strength steels has reduced the car’s weight by up to 100kg compared to that of its predecessor, while its drag coefficient is said to be the lowest in class.

Driver assistance systems include lane change assist and lane keeping assist with active side collision protection. Extended optional functions include an autonomous drive mode that remains active up to 210km/h, relieving the driver of acceleration, braking and steering duties.

Engine encapsulation technology – dubbed SYNTAK – coupled with acoustic glazing for the windscreen and an acoustic headliner is said to bring about a noticeable reduction in noise levels inside the car, while ConnectedDrive features have been joined by new services that include ParkNow technology – for digital parking space reservation and payment – on-street parking information that includes an intelligent parking space search function; and an optional parking assistant which detects empty spots and parks the vehicle automatically.

A Microsoft Exchange service has been designed to enable Microsoft Office 365 users to sync emails, calendar entries and contacts and edit them inside the car. Smartphone integration is said to have improved – from Apple CarPlay which, in a first for a carmaker, has been incorporated fully wirelessly, to inductive phone charging and the provision of a WiFi hotspot for up to 10 devices.


1010pwbmw5-series5As far as powertrains go, the turbocharged, 2,0-litre, four-cylinder in-line engine that drives the 530i develops 185kW and 350Nm. Its fuel consumption in the combined cycle is a claimed 5,4 litres/100km, with emissions pegged at 126g/km – down more than 11% on its predecessor’s figures. The car is said to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 6,2 seconds.

The 540i is equipped with a 3,0-litre, straight -six that produces 250kW and 450Nm. Fuel consumption is said to be 6,5 litres/100km in the combined cycle, with emissions rated at 150g/km. According to BMW’s figures, in xDrive guise the car is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100km/h in 4,8 seconds.

On the diesel front the four-cylinder unit that powers the 520d develops 140kW and 400Nm, with fuel consumption and emissions for the manual transmission model rated at 4,1 litres/100km and 108g/km. Eight-speed, auto shift variants are said to achieve 4,0 litres/100km and 107g/km, with acceleration from 0 to 100km/h a claimed 7,6 seconds.

Equivalent ratings for the six-cylinder powered 530d – which produces 195kW and 620Nm – are 4,5 litres /100km and 118g/km. The figures are said to represent a 13% improvement on those of the predecessor. The model’s acceleration time from 0 to 100km/h is listed at 5,7 seconds.

The statement says that following the launch of the 5-Series, three new engines will be added to the range – a 140kW four-cylinder EfficientDynamics diesel unit that returns 3,9 litres/100km; a 185kW hybrid unit that achieves 2,0 litres/100km; and a high-performance V8 that develops 340kW and which is described as being capable of propelling the car from zero to 100km/h in 4,0 seconds.


1010pwbmw5-series2530i / 530i xDrive

Engine:              Four-cylinder petrol

Displacement:  1,998cc.

Power:                185kW @ 5 200 revs/min

Torque:              350Nm @ 1 450 revs/min

Transmission:  Eight-speed Steptronic

0-100km/h:      6,2 secs / 6,0 secs

Consumption:   5,4 litres/100km / 5,7 litres/100km

Emissions:        126g/km / 133g/km


540i / 540i xDrive

Engine:              Six-cylinder petrol

Displacement:  2 998cc

Power:                250kW @ 5 500 revs/min

Torque:              450Nm @ 1 380 revs/min

Transmission:  Eight-speed Steptronic

0-100km/h:      5,1 secs / 4,8 secs

Consumption:  6,5 litres/100km / 6,7 litres/100km

Emissions:        150g/km / 156g/km


520d / 520d xDrive

Engine:               Four-cylinder diesel

Displacement:   1 995cc

Power:                 140kW @ 4 000 revs/min

Torque:               400Nm @ 1 750 revs/min

Transmission:   Six-speed manual or eight-speed Steptronic / Eight-speed Steptronic

0-100km/h:       7,7 secs or 7,6 secs / 7,6 secs

Consumption:   4,1 litres /100km or 4,0 litres /100 km / 4,2 litres /100km

Emissions:         108g/km or 107g/km / 112g/km


530d / 530d xDrive

Engine:              Six-cylinder diesel

Displacement:  2 993cc

Power:               195kW @ 4 000 revs/min

Torque:             620Nm @ 2 000 revs/min

Transmission: Eight-speed Steptronic

0-100km/h:      5,7 secs / 5,4 secs

Consumption:  4,5 litres/100km / 4,7 litres/100km

Emissions:       118g/km / 125g/km


530e iPerformance

Engine:              Four-cylinder petrol, eDrive electric drive system (plug-in hybrid)

Displacement:  1 998cc

Power:               185kW @ 4 460 revs/min

Torque:              420Nm @ 1 450 revs/min

Transmission:   Eight-speed Steptronic

0-100km/h:       6,2 secs

Electric range:   45km

Consumption:    2,0 litres/100km

Emissions:         46g/km


520d EfficientDynamics Edition

Engine:               Four-cylinder diesel

Displacement:   1 995cc

Power:                 140kW @ 4 000 revs/min

Torque:                400Nm @ 1 750 revs/min

Transmission:    Eight-speed Steptronic

0-100km/h:         7,5 secs

Consumption:     3,9 litres/100km

Emissions:           102g/km.


M550i xDrive

Engine:                 V8, petrol

Displacement:     4 395cc

Power:                  340kW @ 5 500 revs/min

Torque:                650Nm @ 1 800 revs/min

Transmission:    Eight speed Steptronic

0-100km/h:        4,0 secs

Consumption:    8,9 litres/100km

Emissions:         204g/km


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