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October 4, 2016
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October 4, 2016

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Sebokeng Fuels has recently been awarded prestigious Shell RT Pillar certification

It is not very often that one company is accredited across two different industries and can profess to be completely competent in both, but it does happen. In the case of Sebokeng Fuels (Pty) Ltd, which is one the longest standing privately owned fuel distribution companies in South Africa, this feat has recently been achieved.

Sebokeng Fuels has been a Shell partner for more than 40 years and is currently one of the largest Shell Branded Distributors from both a distribution and delivery perspective. The company is constantly adopting new technologies and ideas from Shell with a view to building the fantastic partnership.

In May this year, Sebokeng Fuels became the rst ever Shell Branded Distributor in South Africa to successfully fullfil all the requirements for the Shell Road Transport Pillar Audit – making it the only distributor in South Africa which is able to distribute branded Shell fuels to its own customers, and conduct both secondary and primary transport on behalf of Shell to various Shell customer sites as well as Shell-owned depots.

This achievement is testament to the fact that not only is Sebokeng Fuels one of the most prominent fuel distributors in the country, but that the company also upholds some of the highest road transport safety levels in South Africa.

The Shell Road Transport Pillar Audit separates usual industry players from the best industry players when it comes to ability, efficiency and, most importantly, health and safety perspectives. The audit comprises four main sections which encompass general health and safety standards, driver management, route management and vehicle management.

Mandatory requirements for each of these sectors are beyond rigorous for the petroleum industry – and rightly so. If any single mandatory requirement in any of the sections is not successfully fulfilled, the participant instantly fails.

The audit covers everything from route risk assessments, driver behaviour monitoring, driver training, monitoring of driver hours, performance management, recruitment policies and procedures, vehicle maintenance and quality, record keeping and well as all legal and  legislative requirements across all sections – just to name a few.

Sebokeng Fuels has partnered with the most updated technologies available through Ctrack and Drive Cam in order to ensure absolute compliance from all drivers and vehicles at any given time.

The company has adopted a driver behaviour management programme which runs on a constant basis in order to ensure that, as far as safety and professionalism is concerned, its drivers are absolute authorities at what they do.

“It is a great achievement to meet these stringent standards, and I trust that this will lead to further growth within the Sebokeng Fuels brand,” says Lauren Pelliccia, Head of Operations at Sebokeng Fuels and the company’s Health and Safety team leader.

“Most importantly it’s our team that has defined our achievement. Every team member realises that a major part of our business revolves around health and safety, and that it has to feature in every aspect of our daily operations – even when under pressure”.

There is clearly no limit when it comes to Sebokeng Fuel’s ambition to always be an industry leader.

The company prides itself on everything that is important to the customer and the customers’ needs, which includes quality of product, quality of service, security of supply and the ability to have the exibility to offer assistance as and when it is needed, and, of course, strict adherence to safety standards.

Sebokeng Fuels is already a no-nonsense fuel industry leader and keeps going from strength to strength. The achievement in gaining Road Transport Pillar Audit certification is testament to the company’s determination, professionalism and leadership within the industry.

With full ownership of four depots across the central and northern parts of the country – including three service stations, almost five million litres of own storage capacity, premier access to 100% Shell additivised fuels, a self-owned fleet of approximately 55 world class Scania vehicles and a logistical and management team that aims to impress at every second of every day – winning is easy with Sebokeng Fuels.

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