Honda refreshes top-selling commuter

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August 5, 2016
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August 5, 2016

Honda refreshes top-selling commuter

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Since introduction, the NC750X has enjoyed consistent popularity throughout Europe and South Africa – making it a permanent fixture in the ranks of the Top 10 best-selling motorcycles. Reuben van Niekerk reports

There are several reasons why Honda’s NC750X sells so well – its twin-cylinder engine is perceived to be ground-breaking, sipping fuel in miserly fashion while punching the bike smartly forward in the low-to-mid rpm ranges; the relaxed, roomy riding position – with wide handlebars and a comfortable seat – helped by compliant, long-travel suspension and not least, the bike’s distinctive adventure styling.

As a package, the NC750X’s qualities combine to create a motorcycle which functions superbly. For all types of riding – commuting, touring and simply riding for pleasure – it is a bike that offers compelling all-round appeal and, for 2016, both form and function have been enhanced.

For starters, the storage compartment – where the fuel tank would usually be – holds 22 litres and is capable of housing a full-face helmet. Additional styling updates give the bike an adventure-oriented edge while improving comfort for rider and pillion passenger.

A large windscreen offers great protection and new LCD instruments with a variable colour display that can be personalised. Gauges include an odometer, trip meter, gear position indicator, fuel efficiency meter and an optional heated grip temperature gauge plus a three-stage S mode indicator for the DCT model.

Further, Honda’s unique Dual Clutch Transmission – which is chosen by over a third of customers – helps to set the bike apart in the performance arena.

The transmission’s software upgrades have been designed to offer riders a more natural feathered clutch feel when opening or shutting off the throttle. For even sportier riding, there are now three levels of S mode for gear changes in AT mode, and a raised rpm upper limit for downshifts in MT mode.

A lot of the experience of riding a motorcycle comes down to feeling, and guiding the NC750X’s redesign is the phrase Sensual Performance. From the front the machine has a bolder, more adventurous identity.

Airflow around the rider’s upper body has been improved and wind noise reduced. Side cowls have been filled out while side covers have been reduced in size, creating muscular lines. The svelte seat unit is underlined by a new exhaust muffler to create a minimalistic look.


37ia NC750x-17


The lid of the storage tank features rugged external rails – useful for mounting a tank bag – while the interior offers four hooks that allow parcels to be secured.

The NC750X’s rugged steel diamond frame delivers the high levels of rigidity required for agile, responsive handling in a variety of conditions.

The riding position is upright and neutral, with a higher viewpoint for enhanced hazard perception. Another advantage of this adventure-style riding position is great low-speed control – combined with the low centre of gravity and generous steering lock, resulting in exceptional low-speed handling and balance.

The design of the NC750X’s liquid-cooled, SOHC 8-valve parallel twin-cylinder engine ensures punchy performance in the low-to-mid range. Its relatively long-stroke architecture and specially shaped combustion chambers combine with the high-inertial mass crankshaft to produce large amounts of effortless torque from very low rpm. Peak power is rated at 40kW and maximum torque at 68Nm.
NC750X R99 999
NC750X DCT R109 999

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